Monthly Archives: September 2013

It is hard to imagine but last week marked a month in South Sudan. I was hoping to post this on last Thursday, my one month anniversary but I was actually outside of Juba, enjoying the pleasant weather of Yei (pronounced Yay) – minus a consistent internet connection. Yei is located in the same state as Juba, Central Equatorial but located about 120 km southwest of Juba, near the border of the… Read More

A good article on South Sudan’s (in)ability to move goods from the Kenyan coast to Juba. It will help you understand why goods in South Sudan are so expensive and how the rainy season contributes to South Sudan’s food woes. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/08/30/us-africa-investment-southsudan-idUSBRE97T0GT20130830

Tuesday was a very exciting day. After surviving my first month in South Sudan, I got a very special package. The items that I shipped from the United States arrived to my delight and excitement. While most of the items are nothing to “write home about”, I am happy to have hangers to store my recently pressed shirts, my toiletries (shampoo, mouth wash, and soap) and books that I haven’t gotten around… Read More