Monthly Archives: December 2013

I wanted to include a few pictures from the days leading up to my evacuation from South Sudan. Most of the pictures are from the compound where I live and the process at the airport.   Initially, I was told that I would only be able to take a backpack with me. But I was also advised to pack a suitcase if the instructions change. And if I am unable to return… Read More

Well I have safely arrived in Frankfurt, Germany. It was quite challenging getting out of South Sudan but thanks to the efficiency of the U.S. government, I was able to secure a seat on one of the planes that was charged with evacuating American citizens. Initially, my organization tried to depart on Wednesday afternoon but the South Sudanese government was sending conflicting signals about who could fly out of the airport. The… Read More

I was awakened last night by my colleagues informing me that there was fighting between the military and civilians in the streets of Juba. Reports have been unclear and there has been no journalistic reporting on the incident. Gun fire was initially heard at 10:30pm last night and has continued into the morning. You can hear gun fire and explosions in the distance. What I have been able to gather is that… Read More

Who would have thought that Auburn University, posting a miserable 3-9 record in College Football last year would pull off numerous upsets and earned a spot in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship Game? The Auburn Tigers are heading to Pasadena to take on the Florida State Seminoles. I am still in a bit of shock that Auburn is playing for their second national championship in four years, and a school… Read More

I am a little late in wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving…   This year, I am truly thankful for friends who live in nearby countries and who allow me to join them for Thanksgiving.  I had an amazing time visiting with dear friends in Rwanda. If anyone knows me well, you know that Rwanda is one of my favorite countries to visit and Kigali is probably my favorite city in the world (hands… Read More