Monthly Archives: August 2014

I was challenged by Shami Mugisha to take the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” I accepted and have posted the video as proof. I was hoping I would not get called out for this challenge. And, I take a cold shower two or three times a week as I fight with the sometimes ineffective hot water heater in my apartment.  I was hoping that would count for my challenge!  I would also like to… Read More

Yesterday was my 35th birthday! I now meet all the qualifications outlined in the constitution and I am now eligible to run for President. On this day, I announce my candidacy for President of the United States! On a serious note, this marks my second birthday on the African continent. And I have been surprised both times by unexpected birthday celebrations. It’s nice to know that people think of you when you… Read More

Today marks one year since I touched down in Africa! And boy, what a year it has been. I remember making the comment when I was preparing to depart for South Sudan that I was looking forward to the move because the past six months had been so unsettled. The person I made the comment to laughed and said “I don’t know many people who move to Africa seeking stability.” When I… Read More

Election Day in Osun State started with an unusual quietness that had settled over the bustling state. Osogbo (pronounced ‘O-shog-bo’), the capital city of the state was a bustling hub of commerical activity the week leading up to Election Day but on this particular morning, Osogbo was no more than a quiet village. For an American used to the 48 hour Get-Out-The-Vote campaign that often precedes an Election Day, this strange quietness… Read More