Monthly Archives: October 2015

As a Black American living in Nigeria, I don’t stand out like my white fellow country men/women. The ability to go unnoticed in Nigeria has both positive and negative consequences. I can easily meander around my neighborhood without being noticed. However, if I go for a jog, people seem to take notice because you don’t see a lot of Nigerians jogging – foreigners yes, Nigerians no. I can also go shopping, catch… Read More

Sometimes Nigeria seems like a land of anarchy! While there is a centralize government that keeps the country from splintering into various fiefdoms, the blatantly disregard for the rule of law is evident in the way people drive through the streets and refuse to follow the queue. Just yesterday, I was with a friend at the supermarket when the security guard asked her to return to the other side of the metal… Read More

Once again, the false security that we were enjoying in Abuja has been broken. I was just thinking last month that Abuja citizens had become too complacent with the Boko Haram threat. Security guards were negligent in their duties of checking cars and bags and police and military checkpoints had all but disappeared. But on a quiet Friday evening, twin blasts in separate parts of Abuja rocked the city. It is reported… Read More