Monthly Archives: December 2014

This blog will sound like a repeat of my last vacation…a stressful situation in the Abuja International Airport and a close call catching my flight. After my trip in September, I thought I was ready for the airport’s inefficiencies and absolute chaos. But lighting struck twice and this time, the situation was much different. I arrived at the airport at 11:30am for my 1:40pm flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There was a… Read More

A mini-bus on the road from Enugu to Lokoja. I wanted to make sure I captured the name on this bus. Driving in Nigeria is quite a challenge.  Of all the places I have been in the world, Nigeria is probably one of the worst (and most challenging).  India was bad because of the traffic but I remembered people followed a particular traffic pattern and there was “some” road rules.  The same… Read More

It was one year ago that the fighting broke out in South Sudan.  It’s hard to believe that a year has passed and I am in Nigeria and South Sudan is still in a state of war and conflict. I was quite naive when I left South Sudan on a charter U.S. flight destined for Nairobi, Kenya. I just assumed that after my Christmas vacation, I would be returning to South Sudan…. Read More

Last weekend, I experienced my first Nigerian wedding. By the end of 2014, our office will have experienced three staff weddings. I missed the first wedding as I was in the United States attending two other weddings so I was looking forward to my first Nigerian wedding experience. As with most African countries, marriage celebrations consist of two ceremonies – a traditional celebration and a “white” wedding (what we are accustomed to… Read More