Monthly Archives: January 2014

I was talking with my parents by Skype this past weekend and my mother mentioned that they had been watching a CBS 60 Minutes special on the Lost Boys of Sudan. I tried to find the 60 Minutes report and in my search I ran across this video from the New York Times. I was truly moved to tears watching this video because of the overcoming nature of the human spirit and… Read More

Today marks one month since my evacuation from South Sudan. It is hard to believe that the conflict continues to rage in South Sudan. I was a bit naïve when we departed Juba in December. I was thinking that I would go on my two week Christmas holiday, the fighting would subside and we would be back in Juba by mid-January. Little did I know that the fighting that started in Juba… Read More

What started as an SPLM party problem now affects everyone. This is now a South Sudan problem – Rev. James Ninrew (South Sudan) It has been nearly four weeks since the conflict in South Sudan started and I do not think the pro-government forces and the anti-government forces (as labeled by the U.S. Government) are anywhere near a cease fire, much less a peace agreement. While the pro-government and anti-government forces continue… Read More

I had planned my Monday (January 6th) several days in advance to make sure I would be well rest for the 4:30am kickoff. I initially planned to be sleep by 8pm. However, the hotel I am staying in – the Villa Rosa Kempinski has turned down service and I was not sure how to decline the turndown service as there is no hang tag for the door. So I waited until the… Read More

My game day gear. Despite I will not be in California, I will be All Orange and All In here in Nairobi Kenya. Well the holidays are over and I still am not sure of when/or if I will make it back to South Sudan. I was praying for a peaceful end to the conflict so I would be able to return after the start of the New Year but no peace… Read More

Background on the Situation in South Sudan I was planning to post some information about the crisis in South Sudan but I was initially unable to access the internet on my laptop. It turns out that the lack of connectivity was what I needed to enjoy my Christmas vacation. I have received all types of comments regarding the situation in South Sudan and in response to some of my posts on Twitter…. Read More