Monthly Archives: May 2014

After 15 weeks of displaced status in the United States, I have finally returned to Africa. I arrived in the United States thinking I would only be in my native land for two weeks but nearly three months later, I have returned to the field. Sadly, the situation in South Sudan is very complex and constantly changing. For that reason, I am being reassigned to Abuja, Nigeria where I will be working… Read More

My post on the IRI Blog – Democracy Speaks – http://www.democracyspeaks.org/2014/05/laying-ground-work-in-south-sudan.html Buried deep within the news cycle this weekend was the surprising news that the leaders of South Sudan had agreed to end the five-month conflict that began on the night of December 15.  In the first face to face meeting between South Sudan President Saliva Kiir and former vice president and rebel opposition leader Riek Machar, on May 9 the two… Read More

“I have been called a lost boy but I am not lost from God, I’m lost from my parents.” Abraham Yel Nhial Wilfreid and I in Portland, Maine in April 2014 Long before I knew that I would one day live in South Sudan, I became familiar with the plight of the “Lost Boys of Sudan.” In 2003, a documentary was release that told the story of Sudanese boys from the southern… Read More