Monthly Archives: May 2016

One of the things I have enjoyed most about being in Nigeria is the ancestral connection that I have with this country and West Africa. Despite the disorganization and chaos, the daily power outrageous and the lack of adherence to the rule of law, as a black American, there is an deep familiarity to this wild and crazy country. This week, my parents and I ventured down to Badagry, Nigeria, a former… Read More

Very soon, my parents will make their triumphant entrance into the African continent. (I know what you are thinking, my intro is a bit over the top…but it has been three years in the making). It can also be seen as a trip back to the ancestral homeland – however, my family has been in the United States since the 1700s (based on my research) so Africa seems a bit far back… Read More

We are one month from the BIG DAY – June 4! Seems like yesterday, we were starting the preparation process. Now the date is here… Sheila has been busy on the ground in Kigali meeting with vendors, visiting sites and ensuring our wedding goes off without a hitch. I have been mastering the art of the deal, looking for discounts online to save us as many pennies as possible. It has been… Read More