Monthly Archives: July 2016

Sheila and I are back in Nigeria for the long haul. After a busy May, June and July, we are looking forward to rest and relaxation as we settle in to our marriage. But it doesn’t take long before Nigeria overwhelms your senses and your outlook. I have lived in Nigeria for exactly two years. May 26 marked two years in Nigeria. When I arrived, I was only planning to stay for… Read More

What an amazing photo taken by some truly amazing photographers! Sheila and I have been intending to post our engagement photos but we were so overwhelmed with wedding planning that we never could find the right time to post. These photos were taken in April, just five weeks before our wedding at one of the “other”  garden we considered for our wedding. We asked our friends Shami and Olivier to help us… Read More

When you are stuck in the airport for more than 24 hours, you have to find ways to entertain yourself. As much as I wanted to take Sheila out into Frankfurt and show her the city where I spent two Christmas, an Easter and two short stopovers, we were held captive in walls of the Frankfurt International Airport. We made countless references to Tom Hanks’s movie, “The Terminal” where a man becomes… Read More

Delayed and cancelled flights are no fun. It usually requires numerous hours on the phone with a ticket operator and an unhealthy level of stress as you race through the airport trying to catch your connecting flights. As we were preparing to travel back from the U.S. to Abuja, we experienced a cancellation on Air France. Around 11:00am on Monday morning, I received an email from Air France telling me that my… Read More