Monthly Archives: March 2016

This weekend marks the start of busy season in my life as it signals the two and half month sprint to the wedding on June 4. I am also embarking on a two week journey back to the United States that will take me from Las Vegas to Washington, D.C. to Mount Vernon, Alabama to Los Angeles, California and back to Abuja Nigeria. As usually, it will be another world wind visit… Read More

This picture sums up my nights in Abuja! (Picture from a friend’s Facebook post). Photo credited anonymous. Since the end of January, the weather in Abuja has been down right horrific. What was once cool mornings and evenings quickly turned into sauna like days and nights of temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). It has been downright uncomfortable just commuting to work in this heat. What has compounded the issue… Read More

Last Friday night, I was invited out for roasted fish and chips. It is a typical hangout on Friday nights across Nigeria. If you head out to any of the local “gardens” in Abuja, you are bound to find Nigerians enjoying roasted fish. What is so unique about this experience is that you go to a bathtub or barrel to select your fish and then they roast it for you. Usually in… Read More