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“What Should I Be Afraid Of?…Choosing My Leader Is In My Hand.” Bizun Aduwah, Kaduna State On Saturday, Nigerians went to the polls to select the next leader of the most populous country on the African continent. It was a chaotic day as the new smart card readers used to verify voters failed in some polling units and delayed arrival of election materials forced the accreditation process to start late. Because of… Read More

In this photo, Nigerian women present their voter’s card in the 2015 Presidential Election. They waited in the heat (and some in the rain) to cast their vote for the next leader of Nigeria. They are passionate about moving Nigeria forward and taking the next step towards a democratic Nigeria! Despite the delays, disorganization and heated tempers, these women waited until they were accredited by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to… Read More

Today is Election Day in Nigeria! Over 55 million Nigerians are eligible to cast their vote for the next President of Nigeria. Will the people choose the ballot box or violence? The world is watching and waiting to see what will happen in Africa’s most populous country and one of the largest democracies in the world!

My most recent blog post to IRI’s DemocracySpeaks.org. Nigerian elections have been wrought with ballot stuffing, fraudulent voter registration and vote buying. The 2007 elections were described as a “sham” by many domestic and international organizations. IRI said the elections fell “below the standard set by previous Nigerian elections and international standards witnessed by IRI around the globe.”  The European Union went so far as to say that its report “was the… Read More

I’ve come to learn that you don’t miss something until it’s gone…and that lesson is a recurring theme in my life. It has not rained in Nigeria since November (actually around Thanksgiving weekend). There were a few rain drops in December but it quickly dissipated in the heat of Abuja. Going four months without experiencing a rain shower has an effect on everything. Many of the trees have turned brown and some… Read More

Lagos transportation. These yellow vans are everywhere in Lagos. I have been trying to shake this malaria bug but it keeps fighting back. It has Also been difficult getting the needed rest because each day I think I’m better and head off to work only to discover that by the afternoon sickness has returned. And on Sunday I traveled to Lagos! Traveling in Nigeria at 100 percent healthy takes a lot out… Read More