Monthly Archives: October 2016

For the past year, I have been holding a deep dark secret. I have finally grown comfortable enough to make this secret public. Bear with me as admitting this secret publicly sets me up for ridicule and alienation. Since August of 2015, I have had a chef in my home. For my American friends, I am sure there will be ridicule and laughter. But for my African friends there will be crickets…and… Read More

In our short time in Nigeria (as a married couple), Sheila and I have developed a reputation…we are “those people that are always inviting people out to do outdoorsy activities…” A few weeks ago, Sheila and I discovered the National Children’s Park and Zoo in Abuja. For the past two years, people had been telling me there was a zoo in Abuja but I did not believe them. On a slow Saturday,… Read More

I have taken a hiatus from my blog because of the busyness of work. We are not only at the end of the quarter, but the end of the fiscal year. So there are reports that have to be written and documents that need to be approved. I am still under a mountain of documents but wanted to take this time to reconnect with my blog. Today is Nigerian Independence Day! Nigeria… Read More