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I wanted to wish my lovely wife a very Happy Birthday! It has been a very busy two and half months of marriage but extremely thankful that you have been patient in this new journey. Our two and half months have included trips to Seychelles, Nigeria (our new home), the United States (Tennessee, Alabama, Washington, D.C.& Virginia) and Ghana…I’m tired just typing all those places…oh, and let us not forget our unexpected… Read More

On Tuesday night, Sheila and I were off to dinner to celebrate my birthday. We started a conversation with our driver Peter. He asked me where I was from and I told him that I live in Abuja, Nigeria. His follow up question was, “Are you Nigerian?” I said, no and he quickly retorted, “HOW!” Sheila and I both laughed and I explained to him that all those ships that departed from… Read More

Over and over, previously married friends kept telling me not to become so obsessed with wedding details but try and appreciate the process of planning a wedding with your spouse. But what previously married friends didn’t say was that we would be pulled in a thousand different directions – at times, by those same friends. Weddings are a stressful affair but I wish I spent more time taking in my wedding day… Read More

I can be pretty hard on Nigeria sometimes but I couldn’t pass up posting this photo from a random traffic light in Abuja. Now, it is important to note that the majority of Nigerians don’t follow traffic lights anyway. Prior to arriving at this malfunctioning traffic light, Sheila and I were patiently awaiting at a red traffic light only to watch as Nigerians disregarded the traffic light and continued on their way. At… Read More

In Rwanda, you have to go before a local government official to be recognized as husband and wife by the government. So officially, we had three ceremonies in Rwanda! During the civil ceremony, two officials representing the local authority read the Rwandan law that addresses marriages. The law addresses everything from how couples share resources to what are the legal grounds for divorce. At one point, the speaker provided me with what qualifies… Read More

We are finally getting around to posting photos from our wedding. It has been a busy two months but we wanted to celebrate our two month anniversary by inviting you in to see photos from our wedding. We had numerous ceremonies, so bear with us! Gusaba is a Kinyarwanda word meaning ‘to ask’ and is the ceremony where the family of the groom-to-be officially requests for a girl as a bride. The… Read More

…The current situation in Nigeria is no laughing matter. The economy seems to be heading towards a recession and the cost of food has escalated since Fall 2015. When I arrived in May 2014, the Naira, the local currency in Nigeria was 167 to one dollar. Later that year, it rose to 199 to one dollar. Today, the Naira is around 313 to one dollar. The currency has continued to deteriorate because… Read More