Monthly Archives: July 2014

You would think it was the final round of the World Cup but we were not on a football field. The emotions were all the same, the victors cheered and celebrated and the defeated tried to hang their heads high but the expression on their faces revealed their anguish and sadness. The walk of honor or shame, depending on the results took place inside a sterile office building, one that lack the… Read More

Spending my first 4th of July outside the United States makes me reflect on what it is to be an United States of America(n) and how I should look upon our annual Independence Day celebration (I refrain from calling myself an American out of respect for my North and South American brothers and sisters who are technically also Americans. Officially, if you have a blue U.S.A. passport, your nationality is United States… Read More

If you love cars then Nigeria is for you! Every make, model and brand of car found in the United States and Europe can be found in Nigeria. Nigerians love cars – all types of cars – new, old, used, it does not matter. Any conversation I have with my Nigerian friends/coworkers end with a discussion about how much it will cost to purchase a car in the United States and have… Read More