Monthly Archives: January 2015

I would admit, I am guilty of “googling” people to learn more about them. Especially when I initially meet people, I find myself spiraling down the black hole of the internet – LinkedIn, Facebook, news articles, even Wikipedia if they have a page. But when you discover that someone has googled you, it seems strange and a little intrusive…I know, double standard. But that’s the age we live in… A few weeks… Read More

I have been blessed to travel around the world…literally around the world (Africa to Asia to Australia to North America to Europe and back to Africa) and while the earth seems a big and vast planet with people scattered all over, in the end, as the say in Disney World, “it’s a small world after all…” Sebastian and I after meeting up in Abuja. Two recent episodes have caused me to reflect… Read More

Turns out, the Nigerian postal service works in typical Nigerian fashion. After my friends Jon and Liz paid $60 for my shipment to leave Wisconsin and arrive in Nigeria, the delivery guy demanded a fee (or bribe) for releasing the package. He demanded 2500 Naira which is roughly $14. Nigeria doesn’t run unless palms are being greased…Its both frustrating and deeply annoying and sadly the way things get down here.

I had the most amazing Christmas and New Year’s break but I was completely floored by the gift that was waiting for me when I returned to Abuja.  I received my first care package through the US/Nigeria postal system. My friends, Jon and Liz Hoelter of Wisconsin, a few months ago asked for my address.  They told me that they wanted to send me a package of all my favorite things from… Read More