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If you are casual reader of my blog, then you know how I feel about Nigeria. But on Saturday morning, life was looking up. Maybe it was because we have hit a stride in the office and really producing good results or maybe it was because I am getting married in less than five months and excited to spend the rest of my life with Sheila. On Saturday morning, I had just… Read More

Sheila and I are delighted to announced the date of our wedding ceremony and reception. In addition, we have dates for the Gusaba (the traditional ceremony) and for our friends in the United States, a reception to celebrate our nuptials. For those of you in the United States interested in making the journey to Kigali, please let us know. We have activities planned for those willing to make the exciting journey to… Read More

It’s been hard waking up since getting back to Nigeria. Maybe I am still trying to shake jet lag or maybe I just miss being in the United States (mixture of both). For two weeks, Sheila and I crisscrossed Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland visiting family and catching up with friends. It was a whirlwind tour for Sheila as it was her first trip to the US and… Read More

I mentioned in a blog a year ago that when I was preparing to come to Nigeria, my colleague “googled” me to learn more about me (https://fredayinafrica.com/2015/01/29/i-googled-you-when-i-heard-that-you-were-coming-to-nigeria/). And, as I admitted in that blog, I often “google” myself just to see what the world-wide-web is saying about me. Say what you want to say, but I would like to keep the information that the world-wide-web is putting out about me positive and… Read More

Well, it seems that the Turkish Airlines baggage issue continued and eventually came to head when frustrated passengers stormed the runway and blocked a Turkish Airlines aircraft from departing Abuja on December 20. After arriving in Abuja and not being able to locate their bags, the passengers overran airport staff and stormed out on the tarmac to surround the Turkish Airlines plane waiting to take off later that night. One frustrated passenger… Read More

December 15 finally arrived…it was the day I had been looking forward to for some time and as you may have guessed it, it was departure from Nigeria for my Christmas vacation. The past few months had been exceptionally difficult as we had a lot of activities and several fires that we needed to extinguish in the office. In additional, I found myself in numerous angry, uncomfortable situations with random Nigerians and… Read More