Monthly Archives: April 2015

When I was told I was going to Nigeria, my colleague recommended “Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink” to better understand the country I would eventually call home. The book was written by John Campbell a former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria. The book provided an overview of the political history of Nigeria and a glimpse into life on the ground. Although Nigeria is a remarkable improvement to my time in the newly established… Read More

This week, IRI said goodbye to a former employee who will be remembered for his gentle spirit and quiet disposition. Moi Emmanuel Elia was IRI’s Administration and Procurement Officer in our Juba, South Sudan office. He was one of the nicest individuals I have met during my time with IRI. I was shocked to hear that he passed away on Monday night. It turns out he had a heart condition and eventually… Read More

For months, I had complained to Sheila about how I miss hiking…while Abuja has various hills and mountains, hiking is just not a “thing” Nigerians do. I think the last time I went hiking was in 2013 in the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia…I think it was Old Rag. I don’t profess to be a prolific hiker but I do love going out into the great outdoors and  appreciating the views from high… Read More

To a Nigerian, this is a very common phrase. He or she will also be familiar with “what do you have for the boys?” These are common phrases for asking for money…and sadly, the color of your passport is usually indication of whether you will be asked for a bribe. The Abuja airport is full of land mines that must be cleared before you successfully board your plane. There are security agents… Read More

“Our country has now joined the community of nations that have used the ballot box to peacefully change an incumbent president in a free and fair election…” General Muhammadu Buhari, President-Elect, Nigeria The above picture is from a meeting I attended with candidate General Buhari in January 2105. This past weekend, Nigeria did the unthinkable, it deposed a sitting incumbent and surprisingly, everyone went to work on Wednesday. It was eerie driving… Read More