Monthly Archives: September 2014

Everything was going so well on my international trip around the world. I had two very comfortable flights on Emirates and got to enjoy a chicken Big Mac at McDonalds in the Dubai airport. In Bangkok, I again celebrated the American experience with some French fries from Burger King. We boarded our JetStart flight to Melbourne Australia on time and everything was looking as if I was on track for an on-time… Read More

After four months of adjusting to Nigeria’s unforgiving culture and it’s often chaotic ability of accomplishing a task, I departed on Wednesday night for a well deserve three week leave. It has been one frustration situation after another! I have had to raise my voice numerous times (which is something I do not enjoy doing), my external hard drive meet an untimely death at the hands of a colleague (I was informed… Read More

As frustrating as it is sometimes adjusting to the “Nigerian way of life”, I like the sense of community that exist in Nigeria and in many other African countries. Cities and town are often chaotic centers of commerce. People are out in markets, men purchasing livestock and women enjoying outdoor beauty salons. In the US, markets have become oversized shopping centers that are designed for individuals rather than the community. Some days… Read More