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Note to reader: This blog is not about an airport…however, I hope it brings the same comedic relief as my airport stories! We found Cyprus to be an amazing place! To really appreciate the island, you need a car to explore the many ruins and castle that dot the mountainside. We found renting a car to be seamless and efficient. Our Atlas Global flight from Istanbul was two hours late arriving but… Read More

We finally arrived in Lagos…surprising only three hours late. However, there was no place to park the plane so they took us to the Arik Hanger to exit the plane. We stood on the tarmac for about 15 minutes before the buses arrived. We were whisked away to the terminal and our Arik adventure came to an end. There is an article in the BBC on the state of air travel in… Read More

Well hello friends! It’s me! I’m once again stuck in a Nigerian airport. I actually thought that I would have a smooth flight to Lagos to attend a program in Ibadan, Nigeria. But if you have ever read any of my blog posts, then you know that flights in Nigeria are notorious for being late, delayed and often times canceled. The state of the largest carrier was (is) in such a bad… Read More