About Sentell


I am originally from Mount Vernon, Alabama (USA) but after spending a decade living in Washington, D.C., I decided to take my political and legislative experience on the road to Juba, South Sudan. South Sudan was (and still is) the newest country to join the world as an independent state. I enjoyed my time in Juba and met some amazing people. But in December of 2013, an armed conflict started that forced my organization to evacuate and sadly, I did not return. In the course of the armed conflict, thousands of innocent South Sudanese have lost their lives and countless others have been displaced. Please continue to pray for the people of South Sudan and the leaders and pray for a end to this conflict.  After a few months of bouncing around the world, I landed in Nigeria where I am currently working on elections related programs. I’m an avid Auburn University fan and loves traveling.



2 Comments on “About Sentell

  1. Hello cousin i enjoy seeing you and Shelia, she is a lovely girl and Im happy you found your soul mate . And wish you guys the best of luck and happiness through your life journey.
    Monya C Barnes
    Hope to get chance to attend your wedding….

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