Monthly Archives: September 2017

Hassan is my building’s trusted “know-it-all.” Probably best defined as the property manager of my compound, he is the go to person with all our problems. And last night, I had to go and find him at 2:29am. Not sure you have been able to decipher from my many blog post that Nigeria has a problem (or wahala) with electricity.  Nigeria’s Minister of Power; Works and Housing blames the problem on “inadequate… Read More

I was going to post this photo of camels on the beach in Mombasa and just let it sit here…making all of our jealous of our weekend trip to the Indian Ocean. However, I made an unwise decision that I am paying for now…I refused to use sunscreen and now for the first I have an awful case of sunburn. My shoulders are inflamed and the color red. This is just the… Read More