Birthday on the River Nile

Well today is my 34th Birthday and today also marks the end of my first work week in Juba.  I don’t think I would have imagined that I would spend my 34th birthday sitting along the River Nile in Africa’s youngest republic (actually, the world’s newest nation). I live at a camp along the River Nile called AFEX. It is one of several AFEX camps in Juba where a lot of expats live during their stay in Juba. It’s a small community that is actually much more transited than Washington, D.C. The camp consists of several NGO offices and the living quarters for the employees and consultants of those NGOs. I have a two minute walk from my bungalow to my office and a one minute walk to the bar/restaurant where meals are served. I have the commute most Washingtonians would die for! Here are a few photos from my new home…





2 Comments on “Birthday on the River Nile

  1. Happy birthday SF! I see that you didn’t waste any time decorating your room in Auburn colors. I especially like the mosquito net touch 🙂 I’m so glad you arrived safely and have set-up this blog. You will be missed by many here in the states. I look forward to hearing more about the journey the Lord has you on! Please keep the posts coming!


  2. Happy belated birthday! You getting one well celebrate together

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