The Evacuation…in pictures

I wanted to include a few pictures from the days leading up to my evacuation from South Sudan. Most of the pictures are from the compound where I live and the process at the airport.

Evacuation Day 2


Initially, I was told that I would only be able to take a backpack with me. But I was also advised to pack a suitcase if the instructions change. And if I am unable to return to South Sudan, I decided to pack up my apartment in my trunks. Either my company will ship my items to me or I made it very easy for the looters to walk away with my things. We will see what happens…

Evacuation Day 6


My coworkers and I having dinner as we await news about the situation in Juba and the evacuation process.

Evacuation Day


The start of the evacuation from our compound. Roughly six organizations live at AFEX.

Evacuation Day 3


The registration process at the airport for American citizens. It was very hot waiting in the sun. However, the Americans were very efficient and organized.

Evacuation Day 5


Walking out to the airplane that the American government had organized to evacuate American citizens. Next stop – Nairobi.

Evacuation Day 4


High in the African sky. Most of the people on our flight were dual passport holders – South Sudan and USA. But after a few terrifying few days, we were on our way to Nairobi.

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