The Road to Ekiti

Since arriving in Abuja, I have been impressed with the condition of the roads, expressways and streets in the capital city of Nigeria. But I was warned that once you leave Abuja, the condition of the roads quickly deteriorate. While there is some truth to this statement, the conditions of the roads do not change as quickly as one would think. It’s best to describe it this way, the further you get away from Abuja, the worst the roads become. Three hours outside of Abuja, the road becomes a treacherous pothole laden lane with stalled trucks and fast moving cars. Every driver is seeking a precarious opportunity to overtake the car ahead. The right of way is littered with reminders of the dangers that exist on the road. Cars and trucks involved in head on collisions are abandon along side the road. It’s a scary reminder of the hazardous of driving in Africa (and around the world). But especially in Africa where people often disregard the rules of the road. We safety arrived in Ekiti but will have to make the return trip on Thursday…


When I put my thoughts down on paper as we were traveling, I did not expect an overturned truck would also present an obstacle for reaching Ekiti. However, as you can see, we had to navigate this truck using the right of the way.

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