Challenge Accepted – Shami Mugisha!!!

I was challenged by Shami Mugisha to take the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” I accepted and have posted the video as proof. I was hoping I would not get called out for this challenge. And, I take a cold shower two or three times a week as I fight with the sometimes ineffective hot water heater in my apartment.  I was hoping that would count for my challenge!  I would also like to point out that the bucket (or pot) did not include ice…that’s quite the “hot” commodity in Africa!

While I usually don’t get involved in internet or Facebook crazes but in the end, this is for a cause that affect the lives of many people and my donation will help those individuals. In an effort to make me feel better, instead of using Facebook to post the video, I used my blog which in turn will drive traffic to my blog. You can continue to follow me in Africa and around the world!



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