Wow! 2019 was a very busy and challenging year! It is ending very similarly to the way it began…extremely busy and a bit unsettled! It started in the heat of the Nigerian election season. There was not much time after getting back from the US after Christmas to rest before jumping directly into Nigeria’s over the top election process. Less than a month after getting back to Abuja, over 60 foreign delegates… Read More

Earlier this year, Sheila and I planned a hiking/camping trip to Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Finland) to celebrate my 40th birthday. We were going to drive to the northern reaches of the area and hopefully experience the midnight sun. Instead, I found myself in a doctor’s office checking my vital signs and ensuring everything was in tip-top shape. Welcome to mid-life! I can report that I am in good health (for a 40 year… Read More

For months, I had complained to Sheila about how I miss hiking…while Abuja has various hills and mountains, hiking is just not a “thing” Nigerians do. I think the last time I went hiking was in 2013 in the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia…I think it was Old Rag. I don’t profess to be a prolific hiker but I do love going out into the great outdoors and  appreciating the views from high… Read More