I always like to tell people that when I arrived in Abuja, I was only supposed to be here for nine months. I was sent to Nigeria to fill a crucial vacancy in our Nigeria office as the country prepared for the 2015 General Elections. 1,825 days later, I am still in Nigeria and I have grown a lot (including the few pounds added to my waist line). When I woke up… Read More

Once again, the false security that we were enjoying in Abuja has been broken. I was just thinking last month that Abuja citizens had become too complacent with the Boko Haram threat. Security guards were negligent in their duties of checking cars and bags and police and military checkpoints had all but disappeared. But on a quiet Friday evening, twin blasts in separate parts of Abuja rocked the city. It is reported… Read More

I will never forget the sinking feeling I felt when I turned on my television on Thursday morning, June 18 and heard the CNN reporter announce “Breaking News” from Charleston, South Carolina…it would be a gut wrenching day as nine innocent souls lost their lives in a horrific attack at a historic church. Since that time, we have gotten to know each of the victims in a personal way. Clementa Pinckney was… Read More