A First Class Celebrity(ies)

I was in the U.S. for  two weeks between March 18 and April 3. I arrived on a 16 hour Emirates flight that took off from Dubai and landed in Los Angeles. While 16 hours is a long time to be in the air, it went by rather quickly. And it helped that I had a row to myself.

Once I arrived in the homeland, I caught a second flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for Vartan’s bachelor party. Vartan and I met in the airport and caught up before boarding the quick flight to Las Vegas. I booked a first class ticket because I had bags and it was cost effective to buy first class and not a regular economy ticket.

Traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, you never know who may also be on your flight. And our brief flight carried two stars from different generations.

After boarding our flight, I got a message from Vartan about a particular individual seated in first class…

Chat from VD

I honestly had no clue who Engelbert Humperdink was…I actually had to google him to make sure I was looking at the right person.


A few minutes later, I got another text from Vartan. This time, he was referencing another celebrity on our plane.

Wiz chat

What was funny about the Wiz Khalifa discovery was how Vartan found out. He was settling into his seat in economy when a woman, who was sitting next to him said, “Do you know who is on this flight?” Vartan responded and said, “Yes, ENGELBERT HUMPERDINK?” The woman froze and starred at Vartan, probably having no idea who Engelbert Humperdink was, and said, “No, Wiz Khalifa!” So he sent me a message and I captured this image.


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