‘Neath the “Moon” Kissed Sky

What an amazing photo taken by some truly amazing photographers!

Sheila and I have been intending to post our engagement photos but we were so overwhelmed with wedding planning that we never could find the right time to post. These photos were taken in April, just five weeks before our wedding at one of the “other”  garden we considered for our wedding.

We asked our friends Shami and Olivier to help us in capturing these moments. Sheila and I only wanted one or two photos of us that we could share with friends and family. Instead, the session became a two day photo shoot where we captured these amazing shots. And before you say ‘what a nice sunrise!’…that is actually the moon. I know… INCREDIBLE! However, Sheila and I had to remain completely still for about 25 seconds during each one of these moon shots to ensure we got a flawless photo. After seeing the finished product, it was well worth it!

Sheila and I have been extremely touched by all the help we received on our wedding day(s). We have some amazing friends with some extraordinary talent (including Shami and Olivier).


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