Over and over, previously married friends kept telling me not to become so obsessed with wedding details but try and appreciate the process of planning a wedding with your spouse. But what previously married friends didn’t say was that we would be pulled in a thousand different directions – at times, by those same friends. Weddings are a stressful affair but I wish I spent more time taking in my wedding day then focusing on the trillion of details leading up to the day. Maybe this is why wedding pictures are so important…because the wedding day is a blur to the newly married couple, you now spend the rest of your life trying to piece together your wedding in pictures. Thanks to the technological advances that have swept the world, we now have videos of all our events to replay the day for the rest of our lives!

Here is a look into our wedding day. It was a magical day and we are delighted to share it with you.

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It was a really busy day as I had to finalize some last minute wedding details. So it was hard to find some time to decompress before the wedding. I am happy the photographer captured this moment of me finalizing my vows for the wedding. Thanks to Andrew Good for forcing me to focus and redirecting my attention. For Sheila, she was busy managing the household and ensuring they all got to the wedding venue on time. But she and the bridal party did stop to thank God for the day He had given us!


Our wedding ceremony and reception was held at Sunset Gardens, a picturesque location situated on one of Kigali’s many hills. The views were breathtaking as we were surrounded by rolling green hills. I have to admit, we found it on the Bella Naija wedding website. The website is known for profiling Nigerian (and some times other African) weddings.


To add a bit of Southern-American flair to our wedding, I choose the timeless blue Seersucker suit for my wedding suit. Initially, it wasn’t a hit for my groomsmen, especially my non-American friends. They didn’t know what to make of the strange stripes and unusual fabric. But I must say, we pulled it off!  I am truly blessed that each one of these men accepted my call to stand by me on my wedding day…even traveling from the United States and Thailand.

It was an amazing ceremony and I am glad I got the woman of my dreams. We want to thank everyone for their gifts, kind wishes and lending a helping hand as #SentellwedsSheila. We are so happy to be husband and wife.

4 Comments on “#SentellwedsSheila

  1. I’m so happy for you Sentell, you look truly happy. I’m sorry I couldn’t make your reception that afternoon as planned. I messaged you that afternoon about Lee, Kerri’s husband being being diagnosed with esophageal cancer a few days before. He was scheduled for more testing the next Monday morning, and I had to keep their kids

    You never responded to my message, so I’m assuming you didn’t get it.
    I definitely want to see you two again, the next time you come home, if possible.

    Please pray for my family as we struggle with the effects cancer, and all it brings. I know with God everything is possible.

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