Happy Birthday Sheila!

I wanted to wish my lovely wife a very Happy Birthday! It has been a very busy two and half months of marriage but extremely thankful that you have been patient in this new journey. Our two and half months have included trips to Seychelles, Nigeria (our new home), the United States (Tennessee, Alabama, Washington, D.C.& Virginia) and Ghana…I’m tired just typing all those places…oh, and let us not forget our unexpected honeymoon in the Frankfurt Airport. Looking forward to many more birthdays together!


In my view, every day should be a day to teach someone something new. So, in honor of that motto, I used Sheila’s surprise birthday gathering on Sunday to teach my Nigerian friends the game corn hole (I would like to say that Sheila had a great time in the process). Corn hole is a very popular game played in the United States. Basically, you toss bean bags to a raised platform in hopes of getting the bean bag in the hole. If you get it in the hole, you score three points. If the bean bag sits on the platform, you get one point. The goal is to be the first team to get to 21 points. It was a fun outing and everyone enjoyed playing the game. Sadly for me, I finished in third place (BRONZE). However, the birthday girl finished in first place (GOLD).

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