What! Another Blog about An airport?

Well hello friends! It’s me! I’m once again stuck in a Nigerian airport. I actually thought that I would have a smooth flight to Lagos to attend a program in Ibadan, Nigeria. But if you have ever read any of my blog posts, then you know that flights in Nigeria are notorious for being late, delayed and often times canceled. The state of the largest carrier was (is) in such a bad state that a government management company had to step in and rescue it from potential disaster. Did I say that is the airline I’m flying to Lagos.

The talk of the town for the past three months has been the closure of the Abuja Airport. The state of the runway is in such bad shape that international airlines are refusing to fly to the capital city. Abuja is the largest airport behind Lagos and would lose an estimated revenue of over $6 million from international carriers and domestic operations when the airport shutsdown. Foreign airlines that currently operate to the Abuja airport include Egypt Air, Air France, British Airways, Ethiopia Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and South Africa Airways. The Nigerian government has proposed to divert planes to Kaduna, a city about 140 miles (225 kilometers) away, during the six-week closure. All of the above mentioned airlines have stated that they will not be landing in Kaduna.

So March 8th is the official start of our #Staycation2017! We will be blogging each week about a new restaurant, city or attraction that we experience in Nigeria. Since the security situation has calmed down, we are planning to explore the land of green and white.

Well thanks for reading and back to my wait…so far, the delay has been 2 hours. Let’s hope it ends soon.

The plane was boarded as people were coming off the plane…ridiculous!


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