Welcome to the Rainbow Nation!

Our new home is the southernmost country on the African Continent! SOUTH AFRICA! The Rainbow Nation! We are excited to be relocating to South Africa. While we have never been, we have heard amazing things about the country and we are excited for something new and different. However, it will be quite the adjustment because I have not had to deal with race since leaving the US in 2013 and Sheila has never lived in an environment with racial tensions. It will be quite an adjustment for us but we are looking forward to US like shopping malls, the occasional McDonalds when I want a taste of America and exploring a geographically diverse country.


Found it!

My company is transferring us to South Africa where I will be managing IRI’s regional program that includes most of the Southern Africa countries. My office is in Johannesburg. It will be very different from my large single country, Nigeria program, where I managed 20 staffers and five in-country offices. In Southern Africa, I will be building the IRI brand and expanding our footprint in the region. I am very excited.

While we did not get many visitors to Nigeria (which is unfortunate because Nigeria a very interesting African country) we expect to have many visitors during our time in SA. We hope to be fully settled by Christmas and ready to welcome friends and family members. We will be developing a hotline for reservations. So come on down! It is summer here so the weather is amazing!

Sunset Joburg

3 Comments on “Welcome to the Rainbow Nation!

  1. I’m so proud of you Sentell!!! Best wishes for you and Sheila as you begin this new chapter in your lives

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