We Brace for the Lockdown!

The blog has been dormant over the past few months as we have been settling in to our new home in Johannesburg. And to be honest, I have been insanely busy trying to learn all I can about Southern Africa. In addition, my travel schedule has been insane! After returning from Rwanda in January (we spent two weeks in Rwanda for Christmas), I then traveled to Botswana, Malawi and Zimbabwe! And let’s not forget a quick weekend trip to Nigeria to pick up documents I needed to get my resident visa. Then in February, I returned to the US to apply for my resident visa! It was a crazy three months. And with the COVID19 changing the way the world operates I guess your question is, “where are you now?”

Our tour of Stellenbosh and the wine region. 

Sheila and I are in Johannesburg and preparing for a 21 day, government imposed lockdown! That means we cannot go out of our house for 21 days! Sounds crazy but the COVID19 numbers are increasing at an astonishing rate. Yesterday at was around 500 and today it’s at 709. Who knows where it will be tomorrow! The bright side in all of this, Sheila and I get to spend some much needed time together. January and February were a blur. Although we did get down to Cape Town in late January for a much needed break. What was supposed to be a trip with dear friends who were living in South Africa (they left South Africa before the trip) turned out to be a weekend getaway for Sheila and I where we met some amazing Americans living in Capetown. We also caught up with old friends from my days in DC!

Cape Town 3 above

Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain

Cape Town is beautiful and amazing and we encourage all friends to come and visit as we would love to travel back to Cape Town.

So with that, we wait for the start of the lockdown!

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