New Pictures from Juba

Here are some new pictures from my new home. Also, my post from this weekend is below.

I wanted to let you know just how expensive it is to eat in Juba. This is $18.00 worth of food from the local supermarket. The Smuckers peanut butter and jelly was $8.00 by itself. I am waiting for my possessions that were shipped to arrive so I can start cooking.



Sports fan School Children


Shirt Pic

5 Comments on “New Pictures from Juba

  1. Hope you get your mailing address soon so more food can be sent your way!

  2. I was told today that you moved. You realize that this puts you even further away from Sonic.
    Take care and I look forward to more posts.

  3. My gosh, what is that thing that’s shrink-wrapped in the lower right? It looks like and iced cinnamon bun and delicious. I’m glad to hear all’s well!

    • Sadly, not really. Most of the food comes from Uganda which is why its so expensive and it takes so long to reach the country. However, South Sudan is a very fertile land but the people and the government have not developed ways to live off the land…

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