Well…You Are Dressed Like a Nigerian!

A few weeks ago, I had a meeting at the European Union. I was meeting the new head of political affairs for the delegation. When I arrived at the gate, the security officer asked me for identification. I normally use my IRI identification but I reached for my Alabama driver’s license because it was easiest to grab. I presented it to the security officer who passed it into the window for the gentleman to make a copy. When he finished filling out the forms to allow me in, the gentleman said, “You know this is a foreign ID?” I said, “Yes, it’s my Alabama driver’s license.” He looked down at the ID and looked at me and said, “Next time, please just use your Nigerian identification.” Before I knew it, I had broken into laughter. I looked at him and said, “That would be impossible because I don’t have a Nigerian identification.” The woman security officer then asked, “Are you Nigerian?” I said no, I am an American. The man behind the counter yelled, “what, you are not a Nigerian? Well, you are dressed like one!” By this time, I was starting to cause a scene as other Nigerians were approaching the gate amazed that I was not a Nigerian. One man told me that I looked like people living in his village and if I was to go back with him, they would make me a king. I told him that one day, we will go and visit Imo State and I would await to be crown king.This is a typical day in the life of Sentell in Nigeria. And I guess I don’t make it easier by dressing like a Nigerian! The photo from above is the outfit I had on that day I visited the EU.

4 Comments on “Well…You Are Dressed Like a Nigerian!

  1. That is hilarious! Never thought I could call you “your highness”! Lol.

  2. What a fabulous story. You’ll have to make sure that Auburn logo gets a little more well known so this won’t continue to be an issue.

  3. This is interesting! Anytime you visit Osun be rest assured you will be given a chieftaincy title.

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