Maybe I should let the medical professionals diagnosis me before I start prepping for surgery…

After returning to Nigeria after my Christmas break, I decided to step up my exercise routine. You know with a wedding coming up, I need to impress my future wife with my determination and athletic physique (I made myself laugh with that comment). Since September 2015, I have been playing tennis three-four nights a week and decided to start a morning routine. After about a week, I noticed a reoccurring sensation in my abdomen. For weeks I just thought the sensation was because I overextended my muscles along my stomach. After a trip to Kigali to visit Sheila to do some wedding planning, the sensation became even more pronounced. Again, I assumed it was from the 24 hours of flying across the continent. But like most modern-internet savvy, I started to investigate my symptoms on WebMD. My research and symptoms led me to an appendicitis. Without fully reading all the symptoms, I started to panic…what if the appendix ruptures? Where do I go to get good quality service? Who do I call if something goes wrong? Five minutes after diagnosing myself, I was physically sick. I went to sleep that night hoping that nothing would happen overnight. When I arrived in the office the next morning, I nominated Chika, my office manager to take me to the hospital.

Google WebMD

I saw this photo on Facebook…I thought it was appropriate for my medical scare. (credit: Anonymous)

Now, it doesn’t help that the medical industry in Nigeria leaves a lot to be desired. Even Nigerians of modest means often leave the country for medical reasons. The President of Nigeria recently spent a few weeks in the United Kingdom for medical reason. For me to decide to venture off to the hospital for a checkup suggested that I was seriously concerned about my well being. Chika and I decided to go to the hospital in my neighborhood. What I found most interesting about the hospital was that you chose your level of care. You could choose to meet with a doctor (which was the highest cost), a senior medical consultant (the next level) and various lower level medical personnel. Your level of care was based on your ability to pay. I chose the senior medical consultant. I didn’t want to tell her that I had already diagnosed myself and just needed prep for surgery so I sat quietly and answered all her questions. When she started to investigate my symptoms by pressing on various areas of my abdomen, I told her that I thought my appendix was swollen. She told me that I didn’t have any of the symptoms for an appendicitis but sent me for a scan to ensure that everything was working properly.  All test came back showing nothing was wrong. She told me that maybe I stretched the muscle and it would need a few weeks to heal. After discovering I didn’t need surgery, it completely changed my mental state. It was as if a cloud had been lifted from over me.  Maybe I should let the medical professionals diagnosis me before I start prepping for surgery…And the sensation/pain has subsided…

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